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Much better now!:) 

And I’m pretty surprised at where I’m actually going this year end; it was really unexpected.

Even so, kind of excited since it has been long since I have last been there. 

What worries me would be the amount of workload I would be having during that time period; I would have to rush work then.

Guess that sort of sums up everything today.

Looking forward to tomorrow!



PS: The yong tau foo at china town had completely healed my throat. <3

Passion fruit tea~!

Passion fruit tea~!

Dunkin’ donuts while reading The Hunger Games~! :)

Dunkin’ donuts while reading The Hunger Games~! :)

So, I guess I would be eating donuts for lunch at the Esplanade later.

After which, we would be having HALLOWEEN shopping for the event

on Monday, the 31st of October. I’m pretty pleased that I’m actually able to

go for the outing cause I am actually supposed to attend the psychology lecture

at 6pm. Thank goodness for the Wednesday lectures.

Anyways, yesterday was pretty fun. Woke up at approximately 7:45am cause

a string of SMSes suddenly came; I slept at 5am. So, I was relatively zombified. Then 

again, it was rather pleasing to sing my heart out at the karaoke; having a group of crazy 

friends just adds in the joy.

So my throat isn’t really in a good state right now.

Hopefully, I can find cool props so I can dress up well on Monday!

I shall end this post as I prepare to leave;

phew, it stopped raining.



Ajisen tom yam ramen for lunch!:) seafood!

Ajisen tom yam ramen for lunch!:) seafood!

I’m starting to accept the fact that my insomnia would never ever go away…

It seems that my body isn’t functioning explicitly well

and I’m feeling very very sleepy at this point of time;

that isn’t good because I know what’s about to come.

Usually, when such things happen, I know some virus

had entered into my system and that’s why my body

starts to feel tired as good cells are using up my energy to

fight against those malicious pathogens. 

Then I know it when the weather becomes so cold;

even when I’m in a place where it’s relatively warm

and the fan itself is enough to give me chills.

And the feeling is really bad because you know

you are about to go down but there’s nothing

much you can do about it and just hope that

things would get better and better. :)

So, I’ll go through this and hope my trustworthy

immunity system would get me through and

enable me to carry on with my daily life.

I’ll stay strong and fight the virus;

even if it persist, I’ll fight my way through.


So, school’s officially starting today

and it’s 1:46am; I’m still typing here.

I guess I wouldn’t be able to use tumblr

later in the afternoon since I have to attend three

lectures - Criminal Law, Law of Tort and Psychology.

Crimes, negligence and then psycho-ing us on the first day of school.

So it’ll be from 3pm till 7pm (1 hour break included).

And that’s just for today, for all the other Mondays,

it’ll be 11am till 7pm. 

Sigh, so it’s time to go back to normal school hours.

I’ll be working hard! :)




Sometimes, it’s just hard to think if you are even gonna make it there.

I mean, I have those dreams, all those aspirations; imagination filling

my mind as I depict how the scene would be like when I succeed.

But…I just-just can’t resist having the thoughts of me failing,

having absolutely no chance to fulfill what I have wanted to.

I really want those goal to come true - real freaking badly.

And now I’m starting to doubt my capabilities and I don’t

know why I’m even doing so. It’s freaking annoying.

I want to dream big,

I want to achieve big,

I think I can,

I think I may,

But really,

can I?


Seafood instant noodles; it&#8217;s clear soup.

Seafood instant noodles; it’s clear soup.