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Fried prawns!!

Fried prawns!!

Refreshing Chicken soup!

Refreshing Chicken soup!

I know I should not have slept for such a long period

of time but I just couldn’t resist the guilty temptation

of watching television and then swiftly getting myself

into dreamland with the consent of my sub-conscious mind.

And because of that, I sit at my desk at 4am

typing a blog entry when I’m supposed to be

in dreamland right this moment.

Then again, it’s quiet.

And I like it that way.



PS: The silence lurking through the entire living room with my playlist playing just calms the entities of the plasmic and ridiculously rigid thoughts.

I have been so busy that I practically
sleep at 2 am every single day (thank
goodness my insomnia no longer exists).

Then I would wake up at 7am
and survive the whole, with me
falling asleep at certain time.

Goodness gracious it’s so tiring
every single day.

Bur I guess I have to survive through. :)




I’m so so so excited for tomorrow’s event!

I didn’t know I had a dress (I think it’s a dress?) that suits

the occasion so so well! I can be a cool witch! (Haha, HP FTW!).

I cannot bear to wear my Hogwarts uniform but the substitute that

I got from my wardrobe is just amazing (flattering myself).

Even so, I’m kinda scared of the exhibits that they would be displaying at the museum 

cause I’m faint-hearted; I SHALL TEST MY FEARLESSNESS TOMORROW. Haha! :P

Besides, if you don’t do evil, nothing would screw your mind. (consoling self) >=)

In any case, photos should be uploaded on Facebook as usual.

Haha, this is crazy!



Facts about me : stage frights.

So I was reading an article and saw an article regarding the above topic.

Honestly speaking, I do have stage frights.

I have been performing on stage for about four years now and my

stage fright wasn’t that bad when I was in High School.

But now, it seemed to have shot sky high and I get annoyingly nervous

every single time.

It’s just hard to control it; I’m not even sure why I have such a psychological barrier.

It ruins everything and I start to be a nutcase and hit the wrong notes.

The thing is that, when it’s my turn to play my instrument, I don’t feel nervous at all 

because I’m technically not facing any audience (I meant looking at them).

The problem comes when I have to wait for my turn and I have to stare at something.

And when I look at the audience, I get scared and then I become all shaky.

When my turn comes again, I panic, because I have lost my calmness.

I’m not even sure why but I get really nerve-wrecked when I face a bunch of people

that I’m not familiar with.

I really wish that this would go away ‘cuz I know it’s visibly obvious when I get nervous.

And I don’t want that to happen but I just can’t control it.



I’m kind of mad at tumblr for decreasing the number of notes I have, eliminating the likes and re-blogs that once existed and not accumulating the notes that are visibly known. I hate you tumblr, for that.

I realized that every single cooked food photo on this blog is all noodle-based.

The cream is omg nice! It tasted like roasted marshmallows that have completely melted~! @MOF!

The cream is omg nice! It tasted like roasted marshmallows that have completely melted~! @MOF!

Best ramen at Ministry of Food!!! <3

Best ramen at Ministry of Food!!! <3