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I’ve always been so grateful for my Dad; he’s helped me through so so much and provided me with so many things that I cannot extend my gratitude towards. His care and love is so priceless and that’s why I’m working so very hard so I could provide him with a happy life when he retires and then he would not  have to worry about anything like how he had enabled me to live happily throughout my life. I really want to make him oh so proud because the extend of his hardships and failures is greater than the amount of work that I have been committing myself in. It’s just something I wanna do and will continue doing so I would never regret anything in life.

I thank my mum for always being there when my dad would go crazy and stuff (typical dad) and then for doing the housework and caring about my well-being and stuff like that; I’m working hard too so I could provide you with a lovely house so you and dad could stay happily in a nice home without worrying about bills and other financial credentials; I would be the one providing each of you anything you ever wanted like how you always provided for me.

I’m just feeling sentimental and grateful about my life; it may not be perfect and yes, it has its ups and downs. Nonetheless, I’m truly thankful and blessed to be with such a family that has provided me with stability, security and love.

Father And Mother, I Love You! :)

Oh gosh, I really wish I had a device to abruptly freeze time

and then do all the things I have to do before unfreezing it again.

Everything is like a tsunami coming towards me and I have no time to react;

feels like a shagged girl who had just came back from a desert or something.

Health going down the drain like water; so many things are accumulating.

Thank goodness CCA had stepped down till the term break if not I would just collapse 

and probably die from cardiac arrest if this goes on.

Okay, so even during the 2 weeks term break, I have 10 days strike off, leaving me with 

4 days before I depart from this tiny island. In that 4 days, I’ll have to complete 

assignments so I won’t have to rush when I get back. Sucks to have such a rushed schedule and stuff like that and I actually thought it would have been a better idea to have holidays during nov-dec than sept-oct. I mean, omg.

Ah~life’s so hectic and I wish that some miracle could happen so I won’t have to slog through each and every day; it’s so pathetic that we humans are living like slaves to society.

The thought of that irks me; it’s like we are destined to be labored through our entire lives. Harsh truth.

Then again, lots of happy stuff accumulating too so I’m kind of happy. :) Scary how it’s gonna be December this fast and then I’ll be left with limited amount of time and stuff like that. Sigh sigh sigh.

Everything would go well as long as I do my best and I know it; it’s not a matter of false hope, it’s a matter of believing in your capabilities instead of doubting them every now or then.

So, have a great week to whoever’s reading this! :)



Oh c’mon tumblr, you are being annoying to people who live in Asia; always so dead when we are awake and always so alive when we are dead asleep.

Japanese dolls~!

Japanese dolls~!

I hate emotic posts and it’s 2:08am and I’m supposed to be awake by 7am and I’m still here typing away so I can drain off the bottom emotic post and I bought a cute boggeydoll(what I name it) and it’s the enlarged version of lilo’s doll and I’m gonna sleep now and wake up on time and…



I hate feeling all sad and all;

hate feeling that there’s nothing worth

for living on.

Sometimes, life just offers you obstacles and

make you be on the verge of breaking down.

It’s like, you don’t want anyone to know

so you keep on a happy smile so everyone

would think that you are so, so happy;

but right inside, you feel all sad and

lonely - no one understands you and

you just feel like there’s a need to travel

somewhere so no one can find you; then

you’ll just dissipate away from the chaotic

world and everything would be solved.

But that’s just wrong and I know it; you know it.

Still, I feel sad. I know of no reasons.

Maybe, I’m just over-thinking; too many

things, too little time, too stressed, too

tired - sometimes it’s too tiring and I

feel like giving up every single thing.

I need a listening ear, not from

someone who’s curious, but from

someone who really cares.

But who?

Sometimes, even the happiest-looking people break down; sadness accumulate and they can no longer hold their tears.

Have been pretty busy, or should I say, very very busy.

It’s finally the day of the concert and I hope all our hardwork would pay off. :)

Shall end this post here.



So, I got relatively tired of researching for good cameras

and I have finally bought one.

It’s the Nikon Coolpix S9100 and I have to say,

there are both the pros and the cons about it.


Brilliant low light photos - it brightens the surroundings w/o flash.

Image quality is crisp - there’s no noises or anything.

It takes photos fast - 1.5 seconds 

It CAN zoom far - I can capture the words of a poster that’s about 200cm away (est).

It’s light - it’s even lighter than my previous camera despite those lens.

Cool effects for amateur photographers - well, I’m not skillful in the art of photography so such effects are decent enough.

Stunning design - I love how the lenses collapse easily and it’s sleek red.


Fluctuating focusing capabilities - sometimes, it just goes wrong and becomes blurry. And I’m aware of such a problem even before purchasing. But the crisp images it produce when you do no go beyond the “T” zooming (Digital Zoom) and stay within the “W” zoom mode (Optical Zoom) actually enables you to produce great quality photos.


All in all, for a price of $499, I can’t ask for more. I was actually considering the Nikon D3100, but it was too bulky and its optical zoom was only 3.5x. The canon s95 was my first choice but the limited zoom range just eliminated the idea of even purchasing it. Because, without zoom, the Nikon S9100 is able to produce quality images that’s the same as the Canon S95 (my opinion). What’s more, the S95 would be about 200 dollars more (with warranty added).

I would be posting up images soon so you can get the drift about what I have said about the image quality. :)

But still, I would like to own a DSLR one day; if not for the bulky feel it gave me, that could have been in my house right now.

Traveling with lenses and a huge camera just tires me because all the walking is gonna to cease the enthusiasm for photography with various tour guides trying to rush me into getting photos done fast.

So till then, I would be with the first Nikon camera that has ever been bought by my family.

It’s fun to be a family photographer; you get a camera, that feels like its yours, when it’s not. Hahahahah.



Mango sago

Mango sago